Bradley Neil

For fans:

Bradley Neil is the drummer of Dirty Bombshell (Facebook)

For industry pros:

My primary professional goal is to create sacred experiences of rock concert transcendence playing heavy pop rock as a drummer in front of large numbers of fans.

Bradley Neil is a
   Record producer
   Artist manager

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My forte is projects with catchy songs, spectacular live shows and potential for mass appeal. I have a variety of musical interests, skills and projects. For me to be involved, a project must:

1. Resonate with me emotionally,
2. Allow me to do something I'm good at, and
3. Have potential for mass appeal if executed properly.

My blog deconstructing successful live performance behaviors.


I want to create sacred experiences of rock concert transcendence playing heavy pop rock in front of large numbers of fans. My primary vehicle for this work is Dirty Bombshell. I'm always interested in meeting like-minded entertainers.

As an artist, I try to share my extreme emotional responses to music with an audience.

As a live drummer, my goal is to play like some combination of a throbbing industrial engine and a crazed animal.

Active project: Dirty Bombshell

All original hook pop hard rock.

To date, played 33 live shows as drummer.

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Inactive project: Doom & Disco

All original groove metal.

Played 6 live shows as drummer.

Video 1    Video 2

Inactive project: Solar Trance

All original alternative hard rock.

Played 32 live shows as drummer.


Success models

I am a drummer-as-entertainer. My success models are generally all about power, simplicity, theatricality, physicality and personality and include men like:

Tommy Lee
Butch Walker fronting Marvelous 3
Dave Grohl
Taylor Hawkins
Zoltan Cheney
David Lee Roth
Any member of Foxy Shazam

Record Producer

Two of my favorite art forms are the 3 minute popular song and the long-play album.

I consider the long-play album a wonderful art form on par with other timeless foundations for art: the canvas, the novel, the symphony.

It's a snapshot of an artist's work at a moment in time, helpfully constrained by a genre's rules for artistic expression, audience entertainment, and enduring value.

It's also the foundation on which to base a cycle of live performances, the sina qua non of the project of popular rock music.

As a record producer, my primary strengths are nuturing a project's mass-appeal elements, critically evaluating all the elements of a project, and speaking candidly.

Member of The Recording Academy (Grammys)

Dirty Bombshell by Dirty Bombshell

Produced, engineered and mixed the album.

Played all drum and percussion parts.

Sang background vocals and did some guitar work.

Sole songwriter of ThenD and 16 Sexteen.

Co-songwriter on rest of album.

Album art direction.

Spec'd and outfitted new project studio with gear including mics, room treatments and electronics.

Tracked and mixed using REAPER digital audio workstation.

All foundation drum, bass and rhythm guitar tracks recorded simultaneously, live to tape.

Biotech by Glitch Factor

Played bass on debut album Biotech.

Solar Trance by Solar Trance

Played drums on self-titled debut album.

All drum tracks recorded live in a single day.

Album art direction.

Success models

My producer success models are generally multi-talented musicians with unconventional career paths who are somehow involved in mass-appeal pop rock and include men like:

Bruce Fairbairn
Max Martin
Rob Cavallo
Howard Benson
Bob Rock
John Kalodner
Mutt Lange


Sole songwriter:
16 Sexteen

Take It Sleazy (Heart On)
Slut Queen
R.E.D. Bikini
Drinking of U.
Deadman's Curve
F# Me Pumps
Walk of Shame
Van Halen Won

Success models

Desmond Child
Max Martin
Hall & Oates
Billy Joel
Butch Walker on his pop rock masterpiece Ready, Sex, Go
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

Artist Manager

As an artist manager, I offer talent in the Midwest dispassionate counsel and development with a self-sufficient DIY/indie philosophy.

I look for popular music artists who have a clear artistic vision and are interested in figuring out what behaviors lead them to successfully achieve their professional and artistic objectives. Sometimes the primary task is setting aside cultural mythologies or personal narratives that do not lead to success. One of my primary value-adds is in helping an artist distinguish between consistency with an artistic vision and stubborn yet ineffective personal narratives.

Before soliciting my services as an artist manager, please understand the role of artist manager and how it differs from those of talent agent, business manager, investor and patron.

Success models

Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch
David Geffen and Elliot Roberts
Simon Cowell
Charlie Munger

For fun

Startup concept: Trenage Amois
Facebook @trenageamois

Dance party band playing electro-pop covers as hard rock.

Startup concept: Tainted Angel
Facebook @ButchWalkerTribute

Tribute band devoted to all of Butch Walker's high-energy sing-along pop rock from Southgang, Floyds, Marvelous 3 and his solo career.

Live concert photography: Bradley Neil Photography
Facebook @Bradley.Neil.Music

Band-friendly overnight lodging
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